LatinoAmericana 2002 - parallel diaries
directed by Fabrice Castanier | 2009

Flight Movie 2010
  Ecrans Documentaires - Arceuil 2009
Documenta Madrid 2010

  “LATINOMERICANA 2002” is a road-movie, which crosses the Southern and Western half of the South American sub-continent…
From Buenos Aires, the Argentinean capital, to San Pablo de Loretto, a small village lost in the heart of the Peruvian jungle, on the Amazon river…
In search of a South American reality which differs from the usual tourist clichés and national particularisms.
In search of a South American reality which believes, struggles and thinks differently and doesn’t accept the fatality of generalised economic crisis or of the neoliberal example as being the only way out!
  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 195 minutes (2 parts)
Format super8mm and DigiBeta
Direction Fabrice Castanier
Image Fabrice Castanier
Edition Valérie Brégaint
Voice Miguel Benassayag
2010 flight movie - all rights reserved